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CETRAD Plants Over 4,000 Trees in Gambella Wetland Restoration Effort
CETRAD planted over 4,000 trees in the Gambella wetland region of Ngare Mara to restore the ecosystem and support wildlife and livelihoods.

CETRAD is proud to announce the successful planting of over 4,000 trees in the Gambella wetland region of Ngare Mara! This two-day initiative, held on May 2nd and 3rd, 2024, is part of our ongoing commitment to restoring vital wetland ecosystems and supporting local communities.

Here's a breakdown of the tree species planted:

Bridellia Micrantha: 500 
Ficus Sycamorus: 500
Acacia Mellifera: 100 
Raphila farinifera: 677 
Acacia Xythonplea: 860 
Acacia tortillis: 145 
Balanytes aegyptica: 193 
Other species: 740 

This diverse selection of trees will play a crucial role in reviving the Gambella wetland. The planted trees will provide habitat for wildlife, improve water filtration, and combat soil erosion.

We are committed to supporting the Gambella region and its inhabitants. This tree planting initiative aligns with our theme of "Saving Wetlands to Support Livelihoods and Wildlife." Stay tuned for future updates on our wetland restoration efforts!