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Hotspots of Water Scarcity and Conflicts in the Ewaso Ng’iro North Basin

This report presents an innovative and participatory approach to identifying hotspots of water scarcity and conflicts, exemplified by the Ewaso Ng’iro North Basin in Kenya. Hotspots are areas within the Basin that show problematic situations of water scarcity and/or water conflicts. Hotspots are therefore an important indication of where and how to set priorities of water development in the basin.

The approach combines spatially disaggregated baselines with a participatory assessment involving expert and contextual knowledge, and complements the current state assessment of hotspots with anticipating the impact of future developments under three scenarios, namely peripheral, agrarian and industrial transformations.

The mapping reveals distinct patterns of hotspots, with two complex configurations of hotspots in the upper basin and in the region of the Merti aquifer and a number of less complex and more localised hotspots, thereby clearly indicating priorities, required strategies, and appropriate approaches for water development and conflict mitigation in the basin.

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