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Selection of Food Systems in Bolivia and Kenya and Methods of Analysis


This document is based on a communication received with the approval letter for this project, in which the review panel stated that, to enable monitoring and evaluation of the project, the selection of cases and methods to be used for analysis must be finalized and justified within the first six months of the project.

This document also addresses questions that the project team discussed with Professors Eve Fouilleux and Hans Peter Binswanger – the two experts of the review panel entrusted with the task of following up on our project – and Ian Johnson, who also joined the meeting at the R4D Forum on 19 March 2015.

During the first six months of the project, the project team has organized inception workshops with a number of key stakeholders in Bolivia and Kenya, including government officers, non-governmental organizations, local community representatives, and local academics. These workshops aimed at further advancing the conceptualization and selection of food systems to be investigated, and at defining the methods to be used for analysing them.

The main criteria for the selection of concrete food systems to be investigated in this project are summarized in Section 2 of this document. Section 3 describes the concept of food systems adopted in the project, as well as the analytical approach taken to select the methods to be used in each step of collecting and interpreting data and information. Section 4 presents and justifies the methods to be used for assessing the functioning and performance (or outcomes) of the food systems studied with regard to the five principles of food sustainability. The last subchapter (4.3) summarizes the methods to be applied for valuing the outcomes of food systems in an inter- and transdisciplinary process whose results will guide the identification of policy options for making food systems more sustainable.

This document only reports on research methods that will be applied during the first phase of project. A more detailed assessment of the indicators and methods used for developing the Food Sustainability Assessment Framework (FoodSAF) will be presented in a second document, to be submitted by the end of 2015.

The document is co-authored by the PI, co-PI’s, the coordinator of the project, and Northern and Southern post-doc researchers, and takes account of valuable feedback from three members of the scientific advisory board.

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