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Local economic costs of the proposed Isiolo dam: A scoping study

Construction of the proposed Isiolo Dam in the Ewaso Ng’iro River has been identified by Kenya’s National Water Conservation and Pipeline Corporation as necessary to improve local livelihood by providing water for domestic and livestock use, small irrigation activities, and in the future, for tourists in the proposed Isiolo Resort City. However, there has also been opposition to the proposed construction, on the grounds that the dam will expose herders downstream to drought, negatively affect endangered wildlife, and put the local wildlife-tourism based economy at risk. The Ewaso Ng’iro Basin Stakeholder Forum, composed of conservation sector, business sector, and civil society, has sought further understanding on the risks and opportunities related to the project. The present study represents one such effort, in which the Forum engaged Conservation Strategy Fund (CSF) to conduct an initial desk-based study of potential local costs that could be caused by the Dam. Forum members provided data and factual input, but did not carry out analyses or take a role in generating conclusions or recommendations. {Download the document to read more}

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